Help Us to keep this SACRED LAND.

For now, and for the generations after us.


This site it is aimed to help us collect founds necessary to cover the expenses related to the general maintenance of Tashigar Norte as our local circumstances are getting more complicated due the Venezuelan general crisis.

Gonpa Wooden

Thanks to your support we are already working on!

FFF Project

Help us to help others. 15 refugees and many others with ambulatory attention

TdN Gardens

Your contribution will help us to preserve our gardens which are refuge of many wild species.


As current circumstances are difficult we are just focused into maintain the place in a low profile mode, as we were advised. We are centering our efforts in to treat wooden structure in the Gonpa and common daily expenses.


Now before than ever, we are up to International Generosity.  Along all this years we had tried several Projects that were ended as economical crisis deepening in local society. By now it is very hard to put energy in some productive Project.

Tashigar Norte Sacred Land

Visit Us

You also may consider to come to Tashigar Norte to give us a hand. The warm weather and the powerful energy are still available to all IDC practitioners who would like to deepen in their practices. Do not hesitate and contact us.


If you use the PayPal button make sure the link works properly providing the following information: Email: and Reference Tdn-Foundraising if not updated manually.

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